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  • Scott Lasky

Welcome to Lasky Architect PA

Lasky Architect PA welcomes you to our world of architectural and engineering design. While the firm is newly formed, the team is comprised of seasoned, experienced professionals. Our team originally came together when Mr. Lasky was an equal partner of a firm located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After seventeen years at that location Mr. Lasky and his team left his partner and established Lasky Architect PA.

Our range of services includes retail, restaurant, residential and commercial/industrial architectural design, with an emphasis on Franchise Development and Services. Our office is bilingual with team members who have experience designing projects in Panama as well as other Latin/Central American countries.

We provide architectural design as well as plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering. From concept through construction documents, bidding and construction - we work with our Clients to smoothly guide them through the entire process from beginning to end.

Franchise Design and Development:

As NCARB certified architects, licensed in about 30 states D.C, so there is no franchise location out of reach for our team!

Many new, successful retail and restaurant concepts look to us to help them develop a franchise package, including layout and space design that can be fit into multiple venues, design and branding for their national/international venture; and standard CAD drawings that can be easily adapted to any locale or venue. As well, we offer project management services to oversee bidding and the construction process.

Established franchise clients have relied on us to help them get their franchisees up and running in a cost-saving and timely manner. Using CAD design software, we are able to take a franchise’s standard and apply it to produce construction documents for any location. We also work with established franchises that are looking to update their image (branding), providing them with multiple design options that renew and refresh their product for the consumer.

Retail/Restaurant Design:

Our retail work has ranged from office build-outs and tenant improvements in existing spaces, to the development of new stores (as stand-alone buildings or as part of a mall). We have worked extensively with shopping mall landlords and have built many lasting relationships throughout the country.

Residential Design:

From the private homeowner looking to design their new home, to interior design and home improvements, Lasky Architect PA provides the knowledge and expertise to take a client’s imagination and turn it into a reality. Many of our residential clients retain our services through the construction process to ensure that their finished product is all that they hoped for.

Commercial/Industrial Work:

From warehouse design to office tenant improvements, we provide space planning and design that meets the particular needs of each client. We work closely with local building departments to ensure that commercial buildings and interior build-outs meet code so that the construction process flows smoothly.

Our offices are conveniently located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida just north of Oakland Park Blvd., and 1 block from the ocean.

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